Suriname Sea Catch N.V. (SSC N.V.) was established on the 2nd of April 1995, the company has over 21 years of experience in the seafood industry. SSC N.V. is approved by the European Commission (EC), our EC approval code SUR/597/110, and by the Food and Drug Administrator (FDA), our FDA approved code 11133932284. KKF registration number 23435.

The main objective of Suriname Sea Catch N.V. is to provide quality products and services in Suriname to our customers and around the globe.

With our dedicated staff and reliable suppliers, we provide the highest quality product at competitive prices.

Suriname Sea Catch NV is an exporter from Suriname, the company sells frozen and fresh fish products to the global market. The company also exports frozen and fresh fish from Suriname and landing goods at several locations in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and the Caribbean Regan. The products and country of origin are from Suriname.

The general management lies in the hands of Ma Xingrui. He is assisted with a team ranging from the quality manager, the production manager, and the maintenance manager. The company belongs to Ma Xingrui.

Ma Xingrui is the founder of Suriname Sea Catch N.V.